Sisters and Weird Food

So my two youngest sisters Meghan and Mary have launched a youtube channel where they chronicle weird foods that they come across and do a little taste test on camera.  Personally I find it to be hilarious, but then again I’m probably the only one of my sisters who has a “eat first ask questions later” mentality when it comes to food — note, this is how I’ve managed to eat not one, but TWO types of blood sausage unknowingly.  Pro tip: sheep blood tastes MUCH better than chicken.

So far my favorite episode has been the one where they try horned melon:

My reasoning behind loving it?  This look on Mary’s face at one point:

mary ew
It’s like she’ll never find happiness again!

After actually talking with both of them after the horned melon episode I’ve been on the look out for some awesome things to “gift” them for future episodes. 😉  So yes, this is a shameless plug for my sisters, but if you enjoyed the episode above please consider giving them a nod and subscribing.  Ten million brownie points if ya do!



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