It was a VERY good weekend.

Happy Monday and Turkey week everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving plans are coming together and you get to eat lots of yummy things.  Or if you’re one of my non-US readers take some time on Thursday to do something or eat something special so you can join us in the fun and spirit of the season.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine turned out to be really good.  Actually, last week was a good week overall, and the weekend was just the icing on the cake.  Last week we had our first snow – nearly an inch an a half!, I got a bunch of things done that needed doing last week, I’ve been talking with some awesome companies about guest posts/collaborations, and it culminated on a celebratory dinner (thai food!) out Friday night because THIS GIRL got a very awesome job offer and I start December 1st!  So all around awesome.

So far this week seems to be looking like it’ll be a good one too. I crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s on the paperwork for the new job this morning, and Sally was bathed just before lunch and is a very happy and clean camper because she got her customary drive-thru hamburger.  (yes I bribe my dog to behave, don’t judge, it totally works!)  John Paul has the week off from classes and teaching (though not homework and grading, the joys of grad school, am I right?), we’re doing a very small Thanksgiving just the two of us and the dog (and skyping family) which I’m really looking forward to.  We’re also going to start pulling out our Advent and Christmas decorations this weekend, and gearing up for the first weekend of holiday festivities.  (Krampus is coming to Bloomington on the 6th!)

More fun posts are planned for this, and the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll talk to ya later Internet!


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