This is NOT a Drill!




So, this week started out exciting!
(hence why some planned posts have been delayed…)

I have a new job, this time instead of working for another Multi-National MegaCorp,
instead I’m working for a firm that is only based in the US.  There are offices in nearly
every state, including one in Hawaii.  It’s more wetlands and permitting work
so Lizzy is a very happy girl 🙂

AND now onto another (bigger) reason posts haven’t been as plentiful since getting back:

We’re expecting Geekling #1 in May!

The Baby currently has been going by the names of “The Xenomorph”, “Baby E”
and “Squidge” (not sure where that came from), since we found out.

While the timing was a touch early with our “plans”,
it turned out to be very fortunate since the first trimester was rough,
Like couldn’t get out of bed most mornings, and I lost 10+ pounds rough.

I also didn’t get much done… hence why there haven’t been posts
about our “Last Drunken Romp” aka “The Grand Fifth Anniversary” yet.
Just no energy at all.

BUT God has a funny way of making things work out.  I started the new job
in my second trimester, so I have more energy and food actually looks good
again 🙂  (Also my new company has NO problem with me being pregnant!)

So yeah, we’re pretty excited.

Can you say BEST news every for St. Nicholas day?
Clearly Krampus is going to leave us alone, this year at least 😉

srocking cover


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