Lizzy’s 2014 Geeky Gift Guide!

Have you gotten over your turkey-induced comas yet?  We’re still working through our leftovers here over a week later!  And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday having come and gone we’re deep into the whole Christmas and holiday shopping season.  And if you’re like me you’re running behind (including posting this guide)… holy crap, we’re only 10 days out from the big day! Eh, I’m growing a human, I think I have a tiny excuse.  Aaaand worst-case you can always give these as Epiphany gifts 😉

Anywho, I thought it would be fun to do geeky gift guide and highlight some of the things that I personally think would make awesome gifts for some of the geeks you just might be stumped on.  Though heck, I’m pretty sure some of the things on this list would appeal to lots of other people who don’t self-identify as a geek too 😉

So without further ado, here we go:

Lizzy’s 2014 Geeky Gift Guide!

one// The Boozy Geek

One of the great things about being friends with this type of geek is that whenever you go over to their house you are sure to be served up something awesome to drink.  The hard part about gifting for these types is that chances are unless you find a really off the wall craft/indie brand of liquid libation, chances are they already have it stocked in their personal bar space, AND they have strong opinions on it one way or the other.  Enter awesome bartending/drinking accessories and ingredients!  The great thing about these is that even if the Boozy Geek in your life has something similar or even the exact same thing, they’ll still be happy to get it.

bar shark

The SHARK WEEK bar tool!
Fun bar accessories are always an awesome gift.  JP and I use a Star Trek bottle
opener that was gifted to us our first Christmas.  It always makes me smile.
But you what to up expectation? How about a bar tool that is not ONLY
both a bottle opener and a corkscrew, but one in the shape of a
FREAKING SHARK?!  I’m pretty sure anyone, geek or not, would love this guy.

Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

DIY Beer!
So there are two types of boozy geeks, the kind who already homebrew, and the kind
that haven’t given it a try yet.  The link above is for the latter type, and it will
take you to some awesome sounding kits — personally the jalapeno saison sounds REALLY
interesting to me, though as we all know, it’ll be a while yet before I can indulge again.
(YAY BABY!)  For the geek who already brews you might look into getting them some
awesome INGREDIENTS.  Chances are be the person you’re shopping for a n00b
or the experienced brewer, you’ll be invited for a taste test. 🙂

two// The Wordsmith Geek

Words, words, WORDS!  That’s what this geeky archetype loves.  They can be professional writers, fanfic writers, bloggers, or that person who is constantly scribbling their thoughts down in notebooks.  Some of this type will let you read what they’ve written, others prefer to keep it closer to the breast – and don’t bug em about out 😉

Ecosystem Ruled Journal: Medium (Kiwi)

A Place for Jotting

Personally I have a hard time going anywhere without my planner, a notebook and a pen of sorts,
and I actually seriously doubt that I’ll change that habit if I ever get around to being a smartphone
user.  There is just something cathartic about actually writing things down.  Also, no battery
life issues 😉  I LOVE using moleskine-type journals.  I used one to keep track of EVERYTHING
when we were in Germany, and I have one that I’ve dedicated to all things Baby E-related.
Personally while I DO love the brand-name, I love the Ecosystem brand of these better.
Think of it as an awesome stocking stuffer for the writers in your life 😀

(gif source)

Third Place Gift Card

There is a stereo typical image many people have about writers sitting in a coffee shop or
a cafe or another local place and letting the background sounds of people around them wash
them into sweet oblivion as they work.  It’s their Third Place.  Their home away from home.
A place where they can get away and work.  Do them a favor and get them a gift card for this place!
They’ll really thank you for the provided writing snacks and caffeine 😉

three// The Culinary Geek

Similar to the Boozy Geek in that they love crafting things up, only this time it’s the kitchen.  When you go to their house, be they a civilian chef or an awesome home baker, you are sure to get something very awesome to eat.  What kind of food do they make you ask?  It may be a fandom inspired feast, bakery items they’ve created after reading a particularly tasty work of fiction, they could be figuring out how to make the MOST awesome chocolate chip cookie, or they could be trying to make the perfect home version of German-Japanese-African fusion fare.  Needless to say, they have one tasty hobby.

donut gift

DIY Doughnuts!
Take a minute and think.  What is better than heading out to your favorite
doughnut shop and getting something tasty?  Answer’s easy: SMELLING
them cooking at home!  Think about how freaking excited
the baking in your life will be to get this kit?

 A subscription to RawSpiceBar!
How cool would it be to give the kitchen chemist in your life
some snazzy spices delivered to their door for a few months?
Best part? It’s not all that expensive as far as subscription boxes go,
and your giftee will be getting monthly smiles 😀
(also! watch out early next year for some collaborations between It’s a Geek Life and RawSpice Bar!)

A FIX IT NOW kitchen help book!
I don’t know about you personally, but I KNOW that I’ve found myself
mid-recipe only to find out that no I actually DID forget to pick that up at the
store earlier in the week, or, holy crap how are we out of eggs?!
There are a million things that can happen in the kitchen, and books
like this are there to give you a hand.  Perfect for the kitchen geek
who sometimes finds themselves needing just a little bit of help!

four// The Girly Geek

This geek-type is one that some may disagree exists, or argues that it CAN’T exist.  There are MANY places on the internet where girl geeks are bullied and belittled, and many places where if a chick is at all attractive then it’s said that she can’t be a “real geek”.  Oh Internet, this is one of the areas where you and I disagree.  The Girly Geek is the geek girl who not only has her fandoms, kicks ass on WoW or Call of Duty (and trash talks, so watch out boys), is passionate about her love of Kirk and Spock, but also enjoys the many aspects of being, well, girly.


A Place for the Pretties and Preciouses!
Oh lordy, between Etsy and geeky retailers there are a TON of options
for the girly geek to have ALL TEH THINGS!  The only thing that’s bad about
having them all is having a place to keep them nice and organized.
And while command hooks do an ok job, they look “eh” where as this
jewelry stand is not only functional, but pretty damn good looking!

lippy chem set

A Chemistry Set
Chemistry was one of my favorite sciences to take. (ok, well ALL science was my favorite…)
One thing lots of the geeky gals I know love to do is ROCK a bold lip.  It’s a way to
take your jeans, geeky tee and messy hair from “just rolled out of bed” to
“NAILED IT!” in a couple seconds.  The great thing about OCC Lip Tars is that
they do NOT budge.  So going on a brew tour with the girls? Or have a late night
raid where you’ll be indulging in greasy pizza?  No worries here. You’re still gonna
look flawless by bed, whatever hour that ends up being.

five// The Brit-o-phile Geek

Harry Potter. Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Who. Jane Austin Black Books. BBC. Tolkien. Tea. The Queen. The Queen’s Corgis! I think you get the idea.  The Brit-o-phile may love one aspect of England and the British Empire, or they may love it all.  Ask them one small detail about what they’re into and chances are you’ll get more details than you even though were possible on the topic. That and chances are they’ll try to indoctrinate you into their little world.

(image source)

A Cuppa!

Any geek who is TRULY in love with all thing from Britannia is going to at least love SOME
kind of tea.  Look into getting them a gift set from some place like Adiago or Teavana,
OR even better, give them some of the real stout British stuff!  After all, tea serves to
calm the nerves, wake you up, put you to bed, and solve all the world’s problems.

(image source)

BBC Boxed Sets
These things tend to be on the pricier side, so if you really want to treat that Brit-obsessed
geek in your life look into getting them a season of a show that they love.

Note: I linked B&N above because British TV is HALF OFF right now!!


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