Friday Fives: Thus Far I’ve Learned…

Hey everyone.  So most of my more recent posts have been about pregnancy and Baby E coming, and this one will be too.  BUT fear not, the normal geeky tone of the blog will be returning soon 🙂

As I sit here I’ve been thinking about all the odd things that I’ve experienced since we got the little positive back in September.

one// Your body is not your own, and EVERYONE thinks it’s their business. The latest and greatest thing is people asking if I’ve gotten a flu shot.  I have NEVER been asked about that prior to gestation, but for some reason I’ve been asked by at least a dozen people in the last two weeks.  It sort of blows my mind that anyone thinks that is ok to ask, I mean aren’t health issues a private matter?  Would you ask some random person on the street about things like that?  The more fun aspect of this is that I’m renting out my womb to Baby E, and SOMEONE has been really active in the last couple weeks.  Loving ever minute of it 🙂

two// Food is my worst enemy and best friend. This of course depends on the day.  During the first trimester I didn’t want anything to do with food because there was a VERY high chance that it would come right back up.  Aaaand since I way over did it with ginger flavored things I still can’t even smell them without the old gag reflex rearing it’s ugly head.  The most “interesting” thing has been that I’ll be eating something and then from somewhere in left field I just can’t take another bite or I risk being sick.  Most recently it was the salad mix I was taking for lunches.  But then the flipside is that there are days where I can’t seem to get enough food into my body.  When JP was in TX there was one night where I inhaled about 12 clementines before I felt like I had enough.

three// What’s in a name? JP and I have decided that we’re going to stop telling people our ideas for baby names.  The reason?  Well there’s the fun aspect and excitement of surprise, but more so it has to do with reactions that people have.  Names are something everyone has an opinion on, and what I feel like most people miss is that parents really do make an effort to give their child a good name.  I know we are.  And chances are if we actually settle one one name (very unlikely) before the baby’s arrival I’m going to be protective and possessive about it.  For me it’s a privacy thing for Baby E.

four// Pink or Blue? This is probably the first question I’ve gotten from people when we’ve announced Baby E’s arrival.  Do we know if we’re having a boy or a girl?  Do we have a preference?  The answer to both is no.  I had my anatomy scan yesterday morning to make sure the little one is developing well, and as I’ve told people, we’re going to verify that I’m carrying a human and not a dinosaur or xenomorph!  Also, similar to the name I have some very strong mama bear feelings about telling people.  Yes, part of it is a fear of being stuck with a WHOLE bunch of gendered gifts (we’re planning on multiple babies people!), but more it’s about protecting Baby E’s privacy.  I know not everyone agrees with my view, but it’s there and like I said, I have never strong mama bear feelings about it.

five// Inner peace.  I’m a chronic planner.  I can also be a HUGE stress case.  Travel with me anywhere and this will become very apparent.  I’m also the type (I blame my mom for this) where if I’m not 5 minutes early somewhere I’m running late.  Basically I like to be in control of my life as much as I can be.  One of the things that being pregnant has really hit on for me is that I am NOT in control.  First there was the scary trip to the ER at 7 weeks (cue panic attack) where I saw Baby E’s heartbeat, then there was the weeks of morning sickness, and then there’s the non-control of things like my bladder and hunger.  I feel like the further along I get into this whole gestation thing the more at peace I’m becoming with not being 100% in control (though is anyone really?), and I’m ok with that.  I actually never thought that would be me, and chances are I’ll still be on time most of the time after the kidlets come, but it really has changed how I look at the world.  Yes, I fully realize how cheesy that sounds 😉

Ok, internet.  That’s all for today.  Thanks for indulging me 🙂


One thought on “Friday Fives: Thus Far I’ve Learned…

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and have to say that being 40 weeks pregnant with my third baby this post made me laugh out loud! Good luck in your pregnancy and new job! It’s a wonderful adventure entering motherhood. I hope your little one is as geeky as mine are (we’re a whole family of geeks!) and brings you much joy. Oh, and I’m totally with you on the clementines thing, I can eat a whole bag of oranges in one sitting!

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