Freaky Fast February!

Hi there internet, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I swear that I blinked and all of the sudden we were a week into February, and I woke up this morning with two thoughts: 1) holy crap it’s Thursday, when did it get to be Thursday?!; and 2) Wait, how is it the 26th?! ACK! Why does February have to be a short month!?

The other big event is that on Sunday I’m officially starting the THIRD TRIMESTER.  Holy cow!  The first seemed longish because of the whole so-sick-cannot-get-out-of-bed thing, but the second has seriously WHOOSHED by!  I feel like I’m going to blink and I’ll be holding Baby E in my arms instead of feeling him/her kick the crap outta my bladder (though I have to admit that bladder kicks are SO much better than a well aimed one-two to your diaphragm!).

Let’s see, so what exactly has been going on that I haven’t been blogging about? Well, winter FINALLY caught up to us here in Bloomington, and every time it snows more than a couple millimeters it the city seems to not know what the heck they’re supposed to be doing.  I mean, it’s winter, and it’s winter in the midwest.  One would THINK that they would have snow plows on the road bright and early, but nope!  Last Saturday was the worst though — I had to take JP to a conference he was moderating for and it was slow going.  I had a prenatal massage scheduled for about 45 minutes after he got dropped off and it got canceled on me.  So Baby E and I wandered around Target until JP was done, then we returned home to finish binge watching the second season of Hannibal that we had checked out from the library.  (Still love this show, but holy crap, you know things are icky when JP can’t even look!)

The semester is plodding along for JP, and my new job is still bright shiny and awesome.  My boss has been great about working with me when I need to be in Bloomington for appointments or just need to work from home because I’m so damn tired (which I did today since I worked a freaking 14 hour day thanks to some public meetings).  I really feel like I’m at the company I need to be at. 🙂

Let’s see… anything else? Oh! on the geekery front we finally got around to backing a couple kickstarter campaigns. Exploding Kittens is finished (and holy crap did they finish with a bang!) and JP is SUPER excited about Renaissance Wars (which you should totally get in on!).  We’ve also been looking into possibly adding the DnD 5th edition to our library, but since we already own a few of the 3.5 books its a hard call… though the character sheet is SO much more streamlined… we’ll see!

Anywho, I could keep going on and on and droning on about little things here and there, but I’m going to call it quits here tonight.  For one thing, I need to go get JP from campus, and two we’re out of bananas! So I’ll see you around (and more frequently, I promise!) internet!


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