Friday Fives: The Rules

So I finally took the plunge and am now the owner of not just a smartphone, but an iPhone 6. As many of you know I had been thinking about going with one of the motorola phones, but in the end opted for iOS as it just seemed easier to do. So far I’m fairly happy with my choice. Heck, I’m using the darn thing to type up this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

So now that I’ve joined the cult of Apple/the world of smartphone users I’ve set up some rules for myself. I thought you’d all get  kick out of them, so here it goes:

one// thou shall use it to read/listen to german – one of the things I promised JP is that when/if i got a smartphone is that i would download german newspaper and radio apps. They were actually the first ones i did download, and i’m checking the headlines and reading daily, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I also have a dictionary to look up the tough words.

two// thou shall not facebook – this was a big one for me. I do not have any of the facebook-related apps, nor will i download them. I did add twitter, and am contemplating an instagram account for thr blog. But aside from that no more social media on the phone. Disconnecting is important.  

three// thou shall not depend on phone for navigation – not to toot my own horn too much or anything, but i have a pretty damn good sense of direction, and i’m not going to kill that by relying on a new piece of tech. Reading maps and figuring out your own directions is an important skill to have, and i figure it’s one that gives me  leg up if we suddenly find ourselves in a post- apocolyptic setting. Well that and edible plant id.

four// thou shall remember that thy phone is a tool – to quote my dear mother on the topic of many things ” it’s a tool, not a toy”. First and foremost this thing is a phone, followed by other forms of communication, then a work tool (gis, plant, and soil apps!), then german learning and blogging. 

five// and finally, thou shall not use thy phone to shut the kidlets up – we’ve all witnessed the desperate parent who hands their kid the phone or tablet. Does this mean that my kids won’t be exposed to smartphone/tablets? No. JP and i both feel that a certain level of age appropriate exposure is important. But kid apps will NOT be put on my phone. And if asked when they’re older about why mom gets to have a smartphone and they don’t it will be explained that this is a tool mommy uses for work, and i will probably quote my own mother ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are a couple more rules I’ve set for myself, but these are the big five. Have you made similar rules for smartphone/tech use?


One thought on “Friday Fives: The Rules

  1. Great rules! Of course, if you leave it home (as I am prone to do, much to the chagrin of our family) all those rules are easy to apply. Better to rule the technology than to let it rule you.

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