Hey there Internet

Sooooo, I’ll give you one guess what has been keeping us busy. Baby E arrived May 18th and was born via emergency c-section (aka, scary as sh!t for all of us), but JP, our SON and I are all doing wonderfully and gettin into our groove as a family of three.

Senorita Fluffybutt is adjusting well too.  When we brought the baby home she sniffed him and looked at us like ‘yes humans, that is indeed a tiny human. Are you expecting a treat or something?’

So, Internet, and friends and family who I’ve been driving crazy with a lack of pictures (that maternal instinct to protect has been super strong!), meet Bernhard Joseph:

He loves being held, cuddling up with us, listening to The Beatles (as he did in the womb), looking at our faces and has given himself a number of hickies. He has been a champion nurser from the get go, and hates being without clothes.

He is absolutely perfect, and we are completely smitten with him. And I love being a mother to this littlw boy 🙂


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