Friday Fives: Soft Opening 

Hi Internet!! Miss me?

Updates fueled by coffee!

 This is my “soft opening post” since there will be a few more changes as I get all of the dust bunnies cleared out. Be on the lookout for some real content coming to the blog… AHEM… in otherwordsi’llactuallybepostingregularlyagain <cheesy grin>

What do you guys think of the new graphics? (Mobile users head to a computer and check it out!) It took me a while to figure out which direction I wanted to go, and while this is certainly the MOST girly look’ve gone for, I’m very pleased with it.

The first 10 months of this year have been full, and I wish I had been better documenting some of the things that went on here, both the great and the meh. Here are a few things:

1// Bernhard’s 1st Birthday – it was great. My parents popped up for a whirlwind 36-hour trip, B got to go to the childrens museum here, and then that Saturday the littlest Beatles fan had a yellow submarine party.  

Our local vegan bakery did an awesome job on his cake! And it tasted amazing too.

2// Nina passed away  – Unfortunately we lost JP’s grandmother very suddenly around the same time B turned 1, so JP missed the yellow submarine party so he could be with her, and we headed to her funeral soon after. Losing a family member you’re close to is never easy.  I hope I don’t cause offense mentioning it here. I’m extremely happy B got to get some quality Nina-time in lat Christmas. She was a beautiful woman in so many ways, I only knew her a realtively short time, but all of us will always miss her. 

3// Childcare Ups and Downs – the one thing people don’t tell you is how dang stressful finding good childcare is. We started the year on what we thought was a high note but then it deteriorated into an unsafe situation, we had a second crappy option, JP was home with B for about two months (they went on SO many adventures!!), and then we found an absolutely wonderful situation and B is THRIVING!!

4// JP Passed the Qualifying Exams – and not only did he pass them, but he got FULL passes from ALL of his committee members. In addition to studying like a mad-man we had a touch of help and now have a family devotion to St. Joseph of Cupertino 🙂

5// Health Issues – 2016 has been rough for us concerning health issues. All of us contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease, JP had a mild case, B and I had severe cases (I couldn’t walk due to the blisters and was on quarentine from the office for a week). We’ve had multiple rounds of the sniffles, a couple bouts of horrid stomach viruses that hit all three of us hard, B had had multiple rounds of acid rash, aaaand the  week after my 30th I ended up in the ER and a few specialist visits after the trip I was cleared for what took me in but now have a heart condition that will be monitored annually. Just how I wanted to mark my entry into the  next decade of my life. Yay… not really. Here’s hoping 2017 is better for us in that respect.

When everyone is taken out the only thing to do is ‘camp’ in the living room. Even of it means a daniel tiger soundtrack.

So yeah, I’m back and more awesome things are in store for my little corner of the internet. I’ll be seeing you soon!


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