Yup, Going There

So, I had debated long and hard about whether I was going to dip the blog into the General Election this year.  The poli sci geek in me has been fascinated by the whole thing (I’m excited to the the voter numbers and statistics after this thing is done), the mother in me has been terrified about the unknown, and the Catholic in me has been praying. HARD. Really hard. (novena anyone?)

Welps, social media over the last WEEK and an exchange I had with someone in my vanpool has just nudged me off the cliff.  So yes, I’M GOING THERE.

Look, I get that people are passionate about this whole Clintion v Trump thing.  I get that it’s a big freaking deal.  And I want people to participate in the political process.  Heck, cast your vote where you believe it needs to go, but for the love of all that is good please, please, PLEASE stop villainizing your fellow voter.  I can see the arguments as to why one may vote D or vote R, or even opt for a write-in, third party OR opt to not vote for president.  BUT, what I’ve HAD ENOUGH of is the absolute nastiness that has come from this election cycle.  Guess what? people who opt not to vote the same way as you are NOT evil, or bad, or even stupid.  And in the end we DO have to live with each other.

Think about that. Just think about it for a minute.

Still think after all of this that the world is going to end if The Right Candidate isn’t elected on Tuesday?  Well, hate to break it to you, buuuuut:

teacher wrong john lithgow third rock from the sun 3rd rock from the sun
(gif source)

And while social media in general has made me extremely sad this last week, and I’m sure facebook, twitter, etc are going to continue to result in me praying a litany of Hail Marys for a BUNCH of people going into Tuesday, it has resulted in a few posts that made me stop to think (the following images found via fb, if you know the original source, please shoot me an email so I can link back):


and election2016_two

Furthermore, of all places to have made this point even MORE poignant, it was a dog food company:

Thank you Pedigree!

Seriously people.  Yes, support your candidate of choice.  Yes, participate in the political process.  PLEASE DO cast your vote on Tuesday if you haven’t participated via absentee or early voting. But more importantly STOP with being BUTTHURT because someone doesn’t agree with you this election cycle.

Instead, to paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi (poorly), of being SO certain your stance is the ONLY correct one and yelling as loudly as you can, how about YOU take it upon yourself to show through your actions in daily life that you are a good, kind person. Because as the second image stated, one candidate or the other isn’t going to have diddly-squat to do with our daily interactions and relationships.  It’s up to us to be good to each other and make this country into what we not only want it to be, but what we desperately need it to be.

Kindness counts.  Pass it on.


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