Maultaschen Revisited xRawSpiceBar

Way back when the blog was new JP and I embarked on a cooking adventure for his birthday and made maultaschen (oh my goodness! look at how young my husband was.).

The original plan for revisiting making them again was to be a wonderful dinner to celebrate All Saints Day, buuuuuuut our dear sweet toddler had other plans for us last week — NO one has been sleeping through the night… ugh, #mamaanddaddyaretired #soisthetoddler We JUST managed to make it to Mass, had leftovers instead of German food, and then the rest of the week continued to suck equally as much. Though, I kinda feel for the little guy too.
SO, instead I decided to make them Sunday during a huge bout of Sunday cooking that included some meals for friends who just had a baby (J & J, if you’re reading this, YES, I know she was born two months ago, but you really did JUST have her.  Let me keep spoiling you.) And now I’m posting about making these wonderful dumplings to help me ignore the election coverage.  Win win (and remember, kindness counts).

Shall we begin? First thing, you gather all your ingredients needed to make the wonderful little dumplings, including the spices from the RawSpiceBar Octoberfest Flavor Kit — I used the schnitzel spices which where a lovely blend of juniper berries, cayenne, bay leaves, and black pepper.

chopped spinach, ground pork, onion, eggs, bread crumbs, pasta dough and schnitzel spices.
chopped spinach, ground pork, onion, eggs, bread crumbs, pasta dough, salt and schnitzel spices.

For the pasta dough I did a quick homemade deal in my mixer — you toss in a cup of flour, an egg, two tablespoons of cold water, and some salt and it go — adding touches of water or flour as needed. For this round I made two of these batches.

Add all the filling ingredients together, and mix using your preferred method — for me it’s my hands.

Then you roll the dough out, fill it, pinch it and set aside until you’ve used all your dough/filling/made enough for dinner.


If course part way through making the pockets a certain toddler who can’t see what’s going on ON TOP of the counter walked in and was mad I wouldn’t pick him up — so I took a three minute break to toss him up on my back in a rucksack.

Wrap by Bijou Wear, dark circles care of a toddler who won’t sleep.

Anyway, while you’re finishing up the pockets — toss your grease of choice into your pan — our German friends may disagree with how I make mine, but I like how it turns out.  I used bacon grease for this batch.



Then I take these beautiful things, toss them into the pan with the bacon grease, and let the outside get golden.


After all of the dumplings are golden brown, I threw some chicken broth in to allow them to steam and simmer until they reached perfection.

Side note -- if you want to freak the you know what out of a toddler strapped to your back, toss some liquid into a hot pan that has grease in it.
Side note — if you want to freak the you know what out of a toddler strapped to your back, toss some liquid into a hot pan that has grease in it.

While the maultaschen were doing their simmering and steam I tossed together our side which really showcased the smokiness in the horseradish and mustard seeds packet.

Butternut squash, potato, onion, spices and (not pictured) butter
Butternut squash, potato, onion, spices and (not pictured) butter

Not a whole lot to explain really — I browned the onions, cubed the squash and potatoes, threw those into the pan, added the spices.

Bam - sidedish!
Bam – side dish!

Now for some glamour shots:


Want a bite?

Both the maultacshen and the side turned out really awesomely.  JP was a very happy camper when he came home to this very belated All Saints dinner.  The schnitzel spices were probably a tad spicy for what your average German would be able to pallet, but we really liked it.

And while I liked the dumplings, the side actually stole the show — especially with the butternut squash.  When we sat down to dinner JP wasn’t overly enthused by it, but for the first time in the 7 years we’ve been married he picked out the squash — yes, it as THAT good!

Ok, the election results have been tumbling in, and while it’s tempting to stay awake and worry, I’m going to head to bed.

Remember people, whatever happens it’s not the end of the world when you get up tomorrow — kindness counts.  Let’s foster community and be good to one another.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.  The mentioned company did send me freebies, but all of the opinions and impressions are my own.  I only agree to work with companies whose products I would use for myself and my family. Keep it awesome internet! If you’re interested in trying RawSpiceBar for yourself, or gifting it this  year for the holidays use the code FLAVOR6 to take $5 off of a 6 or 12-month subscription.


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