So, if you haven’t read the news by this point, the US election results came in and holy crap that was unexpected! I had told myself that I was going to go to bed early on election night, but then found myself writing and formatting pictures for a post about dumplings, so OF COURSE I found myself clicking over to Real Clear Politics as each batch of polls closed. Then I hit go on the post,Pennsylvania was blue,  I was beaconned upstairs by a toddler who had developed chills since being put to bed and desperately needed some skin to skin time to get his little body regulated, and bam I wake up to the news that Trump had won. 

My first thought was “well that was unexpected” followed by the absolute crazy that the internet became, and accusations flying, and insults being hurled, and calls to have a do-over, and a petition surfacing to have the electoral college over turned, and riots breaking out, and, and, and, andandandandand…. We both went to bed before 10 on Friday night completely exhausted and then I hit my breaking point from all the noise on Saturday. JP scooped up his overly stretched empath wife and we went hiking, because as much as I try my damn hardest, I get to the point where I can’t block out all the emotion surrounding me and I implode, which results in those around me exploding. It’s complicated, being an INFJ is complicated… heck, just living through this is complicated personality traits aside.

So Saturday afternoon we packed up and headed out to a state park and hiked for two miles in the mild weather that we’ve had this November in Indiana. The drive out to the park and the beginning of the hike I was tense amd grumpy. Half way through the loop, which included playing hide and seek along the trail and finding sticks (#boym) the tension released. I chatted with JP the entire time and  I realize that, yes this sounds ultimately corny, but as long as we have our little family things will be ok. 

Do either of us know where the US is going? Nope. Are we disappointed how people on all sides have been acting? Yes. Very much so. Are we going to lose hope? Nope. We have eachother. We will be ok.


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