Already Looking Ahead (give-a-gift!!)

This year we’re doing a few little giveaways, or as I like to call them give-a-gifts to my lovely readers!  One contest will be open each Thursday of advent, and will close the following week.  All prizes will ship on December 30, 2016.

So for years JP has poked fun at my NEED to keep a planner and record a bunch of details in it, and I really DO *try* not to leave home without mine.

My current PPP set up. I have layout 4 if anyone is curious.

Over the years my planners have been different, and the formats have changed – before Bernhard was born I kept a simple punctuate planner I could snag from B&N for under $10, prior to that I used the freebie calendar my college handed out, this year (2016 that is) I’ve been using a planner from Plum Paper planner that my sister Meghan gifted me for my 29th birthday, and for 2017 I will be using the Blessed is She planner (SO excited about it!).

Genuinely excited about this one! I *may* have a blog post coming up about why I love it so much… or maybe even a video!

So, to give back to my wonderful readers, I’m going to be giving away some planner stickers! I used them somewhat heavily with my PP planner, but as the BiS planner is a different format I’m going to be swtiching it up again and probably using just a smattering of stickers and color coding.  These are from my personal collection I’ve amassed.  Here’s what you’re entering to win:


Fine Print: All prizes were bought with my own money, and they are NOT at all sponsored and any links are not affiliate. The contest is open to all US residents 18 and older (international readers, fear not, I have something special planned in 2017!).

So, how does one enter to win this smattering of stickers?  Simple, follow me on Twitter (@bayoucitygirl) and fill out this nifty form:

I will be cross referencing with twitter, so be sure to follow!!


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