#wearallthebabies (give-a-gift)

This year we’re doing a few little giveaways, or as I like to call them give-a-gifts to my lovely readers!  One contest will be open each Thursday of advent, and will close the following week.  All prizes will ship on December 30, 2016.

One of the things that has been instrumental for my mothering mojo has been being able to wear Mr.. B in various ways — especially as a working mother.  We started with two moby wraps and an Ergo360 that were gifted to us for his/my baby shower, and as soon as I was healed enough from my c-section he was strapped to me.

As much as I ADORED using the moby, by the time Bernhard hit 4 months he was already so big that it was uncomfortable for me! Yes we had the Ergo, but the snuggles weren’t quite the same, so I looked into and bought my first woven wrap: a Delta Cinder from Tekhni Wovens.

Since buying that one, I’ve tried out a few over the last year, and worked out which brands, fibers, weave patterns, carries and such work for us.  Delta Cinder is staying around forever — it was our first, and I STILL wear Bernhard in it, as well as a few other wraps, ringslings and soft structure carriers – we have the ergo360 and a kinderpack.  JP has even wrapped Bernhard and used the other carriers.

Tekhni is still one of my favorite brands, along with Bijou Wear, Apple Blossom Wovens, and most recently Pacific Northwest Wovens.

Due to an awesome promotion Tekhni was running for Black Friday through Cyber Monday I snagged a few of their awesome clutches for a really good price.  I use mine DAILY as my wallet/phone keeper. It’s the perfect size and has held up really well for the better part of a year, but I knew I’d need a back up. I love using it so much that I’d like to gift one lucky reader one!

Delta Canyon Tagalong! This could be yours ❤
To enter this giveaway you’ll need to do two things.  First, LIKE It’s a Geek Life Blog over on Facebook, and then fill out this nifty google form!

Entries will close next Thursday. Good luck ❤


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