Beauty of Motherhood (give-a-gift)

This year we’re doing a few little giveaways, or as I like to call them give-a-gifts to my lovely readers!  One contest will be open each Thursday of advent, and will close the following week.  All prizes will ship on December 30, 2016.

The final advent give-a-gift this year represents two things that have been forces in my motherhood journey, not only because of how I’ve felt both have been essential to getting into the parenting grove, but also because of the communities and tribes I’ve found within these two things.

My communities through breastfeeding — both with my local La Leche League group and the online community I’ve found with the Catholic Nursing Mothers League, and babywearing — again with the local group, Bloomington Babywearers and various online communities have been amazing support for me.

I’ve made friends both in real life and online that have quickly become some of the best people I talk with pretty much on a daily basis, and with us living in Indiana and our families in Texas I cannot adequately explain how awesome that it has been to extend our support system.

It truly does take a village some days, even if it’s merely reaching out and saying “hey, I’m having a hard time” or “is this normal” or “hey look at my pretty wrap” or “I need to vent about something”.  Thank you to everyone who has offered support.

This week I’m giving away two prints by a lovely artist I found — Eternal Moments — be sure to visit and give her website some love.

Prints by Caitlin at Eternal Moments

Caitlin’s work is stunning, I’ve enjoyed having these two prints in my home.  I feel like they sum up the best moments of both of these things for me, so I wanted to share it with my lovely readers.

To enter to win BOTH of these images, fill out the nifty form below.

Good luck!


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