A Very Merry Christmas

From our little family to you!

As you can imagine, for JP and me it was boardgame year – we had a bunch of kickstarters come in and decided to save them for Christmas. My sisters even surprised us with a few awesome games — including the Imploding Kittens expansion!

At this moment Bernhard has only opened about half of his gifts — being 19-months old means that as soon as you open one awesome toy you have to take a few minutes to play, which is perfectly fine. He’s been excited about everything he’s opened so far 🙂 Eventually he’ll get around to opening the books mommy and daddy got for him.

While our little mister naps we’re doing dinner prep — I’m reading Julia Child’s directions for roasting a duck, and JP is about to start peeling sweet potatoes that will be scalloped with Gruyére cheese. We have a chocolate cake with chocolate caramel and sea salt on top, and I’m sipping my final cup of coffee for the day with a splash of egg nog.

Again, Merry Christmas! We hope that everyone has a joyous season.


One thought on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. A very blessed greeting to a special family. What a prescious little guy to enjoy all the wonderment of this special time. Give the “precious little guy” some special hugs for us from afar.
    Love Grandma/Grear Grandma Curtis

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