(wearing THIS )

Over on instagram Verily Magazine is running a little red lip challenge. No one tagged me, but I thought I’d go ahead and tag myself to join in on the fun.

Last year when I was in the midst of one of the postpartum gumbo lows I decided to do something a little silly and challenged myself to wear lipstick everyday for a month in hopes that it would help me with the whole self care hurdle lots of new moms, or heck just moms, face.  That silly little act actually helped a lot.

There were some mornings I got up and was like “do I really HAVE to keep going?” but I persisted.  Granted, the lipstick didn’t always stay on for more than a couple minutes, and I didn’t always reapply throughout the day, but taking the two minutes out of my day to apply it and snapping a shot of my face helped me refocus, and dare I say I felt prettier even when covered in who knows what?

Since then, I’ve found that red-oranges are my favorite to wear (like the one in the pictures), and in a way they’ve become my “power” color.  I can be having an absolute craptastic day, but if I take a couple minutes to apply lipstick it can (dumb as it sounds) turn my day around, including when the self-doubt demons rear their heads.

I tag Dominika of A Quiet Quest — do you wear a bold lip sometimes and how does it make you feel?


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