Friday Fives: B’s Current Favorite Books

One of the things that both JP and I want to impart to our children is a love of reading.  From the get go Bernhard has had QUITE the little library going for him — my sisters hosted a book shower for me when I was pregnant, and dear friends gifted us some of their favorites.  Looking back through my phone pictures, B was all of two weeks old when JP read to him for the first time — B lasted all of two pages before either demanding to nurse or needing a diaper (my memory on that is fuzzy at this point), but the image is one of my favorite images of them from early on.

Now that Bernhard is f 21 months (where did my squishy baby go?!) he frequently asks for us to read to him, or even at times we’ll walk in on him flipping through book and naming things he knows.  Five of his current favorites – read as he makes us read them a LOT and often on repeat – include:

//one: The Gruffalo – I found out about The Gruffalo when I was nannying for the Munchkins in Hamburg six (6?!) years ago.  We read it multiple times a day to them, and as a result I memorized it. Bernhard got his own copy for Epiphany, and turns out that I STILL have the darn thing memorized!  We’ll probably be getting him a copy of The Gruffalo’s Child for Easter this year so we can mix things up.

//two: Freight Train – I think this is a book that every mom of a toddler boy is required to own.  I happened to find our copy in the dollar clearance section of Half Price Books, and in the last months I think we’ve read it on repeat thousands of times.  B is getting really good at pointing out each car and telling me what color each is.  They read it this week at daycare and reported that he did a happy dance when they pulled it out.

//three: I am a Bunny – This was a baby gift from some dear family friends.  It was a favorite of their three girls growing up, and Bernhard loves reading about the “bubby” (we’re working on the “n” sounds).  It’s a fairly simple book, but Bernhard has incorporated some “games” as we read — for example, there’s a page about blowing dandelion seeds and he blows on the page, and he’ll name colors and point out animals.  It’s too cute.

//four: Little Blue Truck – I picked this one up when we got Freight Train from the same clearance shelf at HPB. This has become a MUST read before bed.  We can’t lay down without reading about the “twuck”.  We’ll have to remember to pack it for our weekend trip…

//Five: Planes Go – ok, so really all of the books in this series — Trucks Go, Planes Go, Diggers Go, Boats Go… you get the picture.  We own the first two in the list, but the Planes is probably his favorite out of them right now — he’ll make the sounds and cackle with delight on certain pages (looking at you supersonic jet).  I also like that a space shuttle launch is the last page so closing the book by making it go blast off is an easy way to segway into another of the books on this list.


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