Friday Fives: Daydreaming about Space

Aside from the occupant of Le Bump making his or her appearance around Labor Day, we have another exciting event happening in August (if you’re a long-time reader have you noticed how August is never quiet for us?) – and no I’m not talking about attending GenCon 50 (though we’re looking forward to that too).  For the first time we’ll be living within our own (rented) four walls.  We’re going to be moving to a HOUSE!

While we’ll still be renting, and plan to until JP is finished with his program, it’s really exciting to us that we’ll be in a free standing residence.  With a yard and a REAL sized eat-in kitchen.  Can you hear the sound of me swooning over here? I’ve been thinking a LOT about how we’re going to arrange the new place (I *may* have mocked it up in the Sims last week…) and how we’re going to decorate.  And while we won’t be able to paint (per the lease) or do TOO much permanent-type things, I’m still looking forward to not only carving out a kids’ room for Bernhard and the baby, but also doing some things to make it seem like a more mature home, over a transitional graduate student pad.

Here are a few things that I’ve been thinking about lately:

one// TV/media Storage

Both JP and I have been talking extensively about how to handle the TV in the new house.  First is how we want to arrange things since we’ll be living on one level instead of two to mitigate for noise when the littles are (hopefully) sleeping.  Second, what type of storage we want since we’re moving into an older house with plaster walls that are prohibitive to hanging a flat screen.

Another things we’ve been talking about is how we want our living room to look and we discovered that we both really don’t like the TV being the focus when you walk into the room, so we’re on the hunt for an armoire or entertainment center with doors we can shut, and hopefully have storage for other things. The trick is that SO many things are massive, and the living room isn’t.

I really want the room to be welcoming and calming.  Somewhere the family will enjoy being together in, that will facilitate storytimes, boardgames and good conversations.  Another thing we’ve been thinking about getting for a couple years is a MASSIVE coffee table — something big enough that we could lay out our bigger board games on, but also durable to stand up to what’s sure to be years of cars going vroom on top.

two// closet space

One thing that’s both really nice, and can also be a bad thing, in our current living space is that we have LOTS of closet space, meaning lots of storage.  In the new house, not so much.  And that includes bedroom closets!  We’re currently in purge mode which will continue as we settle into the new house.

On top of purging we’ve been looking into ideas of how to create storage in places that don’t have it — which may look like an open closet system with a clothing rack, or some big wardrobes on top of reworking furniture we already have.  We’re also balancing that with waiting for the great student migration this May.  Craigslist and the ReStore are sure to be filled with lots of viable options.

three// kitchen – the glorious kitchen!

One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is having a HUGE eat-in kitchen!  For as long as we’ve been married JP and I have had tiny (Berlin being the tiniest)  kitchens, and have had to come up with some creative storage ideas *coughbedroomclosetscough* for extra appliances and hacks (like a big cutting board on the sink) for extra counter space.

In addition to added counter and storage, this kitchen has NATURAL light and a FULL sized dishwasher.  The luxury! While we don’t plan on doing TOO much in the kitchen, but one thing I’d love to do is get a lacy white curtain ala the ones you see all over Germany.  A little granny-esque? possibly.  Totally our style? yup.  We may end up gifting ourselves an awesome cuckoo clock to go with it this year for Christmas too 😉

four// kid AND office space

Right now Bernhard’s “room” is a shared space with all of our books since we moved him into the second bedroom that functioned as our office previously.  The new house is three-bedrooms, so we’ll be able to have a nice office space AND a kids’ room!

While it would be preferable, I don’t see toys and kids books (or clothes and diapers for that matter) staying 100% contained in their bedroom, but it’s still exciting!  I’ve been looking at various storage ideas and fitting multiple kids in a one bedroom and anticipate needing to make a kids’ corner in the office. But that will largely depend on where we decide to put everyone once we get into the space.

five// Catholic kitsch for a Catholic home

Another thing I’ve been thinking extensively, probably due in part to Holy Week being next week, about it how to “Cathoilic-ify” our home.  Over the last couple years we’ve gotten a few things — like the Holy Family icon we bought in Rome or the really awesome Liturgical Calendar print I bought from TelosArt, but there are a few additional things I’d like to incorporate.

I’d love to add a couple of holy water fonts to the house — probably by both the front and back doors.  And I’d like to get a couple more statues for our home, particularly one of Our Lady, and a couple other saints – maybe of the kids’ patrons?  We currently have a Saint Joseph of Cupertino statue, which we obtained after praying a lengthy Novena for his intersession for JP’s qualifying exams last year, and found ourselves having developed a family devotion.

Another idea I’ve seen floating around the Catholic mom blogger world is the idea of having a liturgical table/shelf set up that changes seasonally.  I’m not sure what it would look like in our home, but the idea of having a focused area appeals to me.  Will something like this go by the wayside because of being busy? Possibly.  But having a designated place to store rosaries, prayer books and such would be pretty cool, or at least I think it would be. Last week the National Catholic Register published a piece talking about creating a home chapel to aid in family spirituality and prayer life, and it touched on a LOTS of what I would like to aim to do with this space, most importantly surrounding our family with sacredness, even if we won’t be in a position to dedicate an entire room to it quite yet.


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