Up In Indiana: Nashville and Brown County State Park

Saturday afternoon we decided randomly to make the drive to Nashville Indiana for ice cream. This pregnant lady had a hankering for something from The Chocolate Moose, so off we went. It was also an excuse to let a certain teething toddler monster continue to sleep in his car seat and avoid attempting to transfer him.

The drive out SR 46 west of Bloomington is always lovely. JP and I have made the trip a couple times, but have never actually explored Nashville, despite it being a mere 20-minute drive, so after we grabbed a couple shakes we decided to drive into town and walk around a bit. And the “bit” turned into a couple hours, resulting in is grabbing dinner.

After dinner when we were headed back to the car Bernhard very grumpily declared “no! Stay” — really all we did was walk around and window shop a bit, but apparently he had thought that was awesome, and wanted to do more! If that review from an almost two-year old doesn’t  you, the  I don’t know what will.

So, yes, more little trips to Nashville will be happening. We stuck to the main downtown shopping area, but it looked like there were lots of things to do – including a marionette show, which at one point was apparently considered a lewd activity in Indiana.  And depending on timing of family visits JP and I just *may* try to sneak away to one of the hotels or BnB’s overnight this summer… hint-hint 😉

On the way back to Bloomington we decides to swing through a bit of Brown County State Park. We wanted to get lay of the land in hopes that we can camp a night or two this summer.

We barely scratched the surface of the park, but of my goodness it’s stunning! I can’t wait to see the fall colors this year there. Fingers crossed we get a decent season too, last year was so warm it was meh at best.

Bernhard was most in love with checking out Lake Ogle, and being encouraged to play in a giant puddle. Ah, toddler life!

It was a much needed quick get-a-way for us from the chaos that Bloomington turns into the last weekend in April and first few of May with the influx of SO many people for graduation. The only thing was we really should have just done Nashville or BCSP – Bernhard was a touch overly tires by the time we got home. Whoops! Despite bedtime being a bit goofy, JP and I have actually felt more refreshed this week. So win-win there.

Now to figure out what to do this weekend!


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