Motherhood Right Now…

… is parenting a NOW two-year old.

… is being woken up several times during the night because SOMEONE has issues with your bladder having the gaul to infringe on their space.

… is tiny hands clutching your face so you can be given a kiss.

… is feeling the baby snuggle up to big brother when we’re reading stories at bedtime.

… is having discussions about trucks and trains and planes ad nauseum day in and day out.

… is still dealing with mild morning sickness 25-weeks in. 

… is never knowing if I’ll be greeted by an excited “hi mommy” or angry “no mommy” when I get home from work, because toddler emotions are complicated.

… is craving oddball things one minute, only to feel repulsed by them once I taste them.

… is staring at long eyelashes as someone drifts off to sleep.

… is enjoying the little pokes and nudges from Le Bump throughout my workday.

… is listening to toddler songs in the backseat of the car.

… is fretting over a name for the new little one because it feels like the next 15 weeks will zip by.

… is trying to soak in all of the precious moments of having only one child air-side.

… is having a toddler randomly run up to hug my belly and give it a hug and kiss.

… is tantrums. They happen. Handling them with patience and grace is hard at times though.

… is feeling the baby jump every week the Host is elevated at Mass weekly.

… is Bernhard randomly asking with deep concern where JP or I are when he doesn’t see us walk out of the room. “Where mommy?” “Where daddy?”

… is aches and pains from pregnancy.

… is tickling and giggles.

… is the most wonderful vocation in the world to have, even if it’s a hard one.

… is knowing that this new baby is coming into a loving family with a great big brother and an awesome father, and being excited for all of us to meet.


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