(Not so) Wordless Wednesday: Hump Day Bump Shot!

32w3d along with Le Bump the #labordaybaby

Hello there internet! Yeah… it’s been a month since I last posted… oops. As you can see, the pregnancy with baby E 2.0 is still going.  We’re hoping to meet Le Bump air side in about 8 weeks, give or take a bit.  I’m going to try for a VBAC with this little one, so my OB has me on weight gain restrictions which has been a “bundle” of fun with my pregnancy cravings kicking up a bit — I *really* just want a big greasy cheeseburger from Five Guys with a side of cajun fries, but can’t have it right now.  I failed the 1-hour glucose tolerance test and had to go in for the three-hour which was NOT fun.  WHY do they put pregnant women through that?!  It was awful.  But I did end up passing and NO GD here.  But still on a GD-like diet.  Meh.

We’re gearing up to move to the new rental in about a month, which I’m still SUPER excited about — we’re going to be in a HOUSE for the first time in our marriage.  Almost like complete grown ups.

So chances are life will continue to be busy.  I’m planning on *trying* to do another Snapshot September series this year, but I may need to restrict it to every other day as Le Bump is due on Sept 3/4.  We shall just have to see.

Anywho, I just wanted to drop in a quick note to say that I’m not dead.  Life is just keeping things busy.  I’ll “see” you when I post next — or you can always catch me over on twitter or instagram being a goofball 😉


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