It’s a Geek Life 2017 Last Minute Gift Guide!

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post with RawSpiceBar, who longtime readers will know is a company we’ve worked with for a couple years now. I was super excited that despite a light blogging year that RSB reached out to collaborate again this year. Keep your eyes peeled for some cooking posts in the net couple months too!

Hello mid-December.

Guess what internet.  Guess WHAT!

Christmas is a week, read it A W-E-E-K, meaning 7 days away!

Eeeep. Cue panic!!

Hopefully *most* of us have finished our Christmas shopping (I did wrap up the gifts for the boys a couple weeks ago), BUT if you haven’t there is still time to do some non-Amazoned gifts!  And even better, there are LOTS of options for the “millenial” itch of providing an experience or something bigger than a  mere material gift or the SUPER awesome gifts that keep coming after Christmas is over.  Here are some of my favorite ideas:

One // Book Subscription Boxes

A gift that we always love for the boys is books.  And their room reflects this – well, and that we live in the same town as a Half Price Books Outlet (LOTS of great board books for a dollar!).  Bernhard is also to the age where he’d becoming more and more aware that the mail man brings mail.  Getting books monthly would be awesome to gift to your favorite little person.

Two// Heifer International or other Chairitable Orgs.

Heifer International is a chairty that has been on my radar since high school. As the name suggests, you can donate money towards a cow or other livestock animal, as well as multiple other items like water pumps, sending children to school, supporting farmers, and projects.  I know when I was younger my parents donated in the name relatives for things like chickens, seeds, etc.  My aunts and uncles thought it was greate!

Three// State Park Pass

Since Bernhard was litlte we’ve used part of any Christmas money we’ve received to invest in an Indiana State Parks pass.  Gifting this to your favorite outdoorsy people will make you their favorite person 😉

Four// Food Delivery

Bloomington has a few companies that will let you use their website to order from any number of restruants.  One of JP’s professors generously gifted us a gift certificate to one of these services after Henry was born.  Food is awesome.  Gift dinner to someone!

Five // RawSpiceBar

If your giftee is more of a kitchen chemist, I LOVE RawSpiceBar!  Fresh spice delivered to your giftee’s door.  And RSB has revamped their subscription service!  Now spices are received on a quarterly basis (choose 6 or 12 months), and (this is seriously my favorite thing) the packets are BIGGER!  Which means you’re not limited to only using the mixes for one meal.  Additionally, if your giftee falls hardcore in love with one of the blends that they receive you can order MORE OF THAT SPICE!!! I still dream about some of the Octoberfest kit spices from a year or two ago…


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