Frohe Ostermontag!

Happy Easter Monday!! Things were a little hectic yesterday, but even with the bumps throughout the day starting at 2am due to a certain baby being bright-eyed and bushy tailed… and a certain border collie who solved the mystery of the missing pacifiers (ugh. I may have rage ordered a mini carpet cleaner on Amazon last night…) we still had a wonderful Sunday!

This year was the first year Bernhard got to dye eggs, and it was actually a lot of fun! He was also SUPER excited to LOOK for the plastic eggs throughout out home – and I keep going back and forth if I’m a miserly mom or a genius: I filled all of the plastic eggs with kid bandaids. They were Paw Patrol and PJ Mask bandaids, so not totally boring, but they were totally NOT sugar filled, which while may not be *as* fun, it also means less sugar going into MY body.We were very fortunate to be invited to a wonderful Easter feast held by the friends of one of John Paul’s fellow graduate students. It had been a very long time since we had not hosted a holiday meal at our place and even longer since we had attended a dinner party with company like was had yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful, and I’m hoping that we made some new friends in Bloomington as a result. (Introvert and working mom problems, amiright? I shall remain hopeful)

It struck me this morning when I was pumping the thing that made Easter dinner so enjoyable was that everyone there was not just religious, but they all exuded the joy that their faith brought them, and, as I type this I realize how sad this sounds, this isn’t something we’ve experienced since moving to Bloomington. It was SO refreshing, and as I said I do hope it leads to some relationships because I had a little glimmer of what I realized that I so desperately have yearned for a very long time.

I also can’t decide if this was a good Lenten season or not looking back. I certainly felt that it was the “lentiest” lent I’ve had in a while. There seemed to be more downs than ups for me in various ways, including trying to get into confession for weeks on end and missing out on partaking in the Eucharist for quite a few Sundays. Miraculously both John Paul and I were able to make eleventh hour confessions on Saturday afternoon, meaning I could partake at Easter Mass. This small small detail has me hopeful that this Easter Octave and Easter season will be wonderful.

Indeed we are an Easter people!


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