Snapshot September: Cousins!

This afternoon after my interview in Indy
(cross your fingers and toes for me!)
I got to spend a few awesome hours with these two people:


My cousin Mike was in town for an interview of his
own and his beautiful wife Milena tagged along!

It was great to see them, and since they hopped out to Indiana
we’ll have to look into hopping out to Colorado at some point too 🙂


Snapshot September: Hot as Hell?

Today marked the first day that I decided
to put on a sweater!  Granted, it wasn’t THAT cold,
and the high in Bloomington was still 70F/21C,
but garsh durn it, I wore one!

I am SO ready for the fall weather to get here.
Come on Indiana, it’s mid-September already!

However while I was running errands, one
of the banks in town seemed to disagree with me:


Apparently the Old National Bank on the east side
of town thought the weather was more on the hellish side temperature-wise.
(also, I was in line at the light through two cycles and this reading KEPT popping up!)

Snapshot September: High Caliber Reading

I can’t tell you how excited I was about coming back
to the pretty awesome system that is the
Monroe County Public Library.

I’ve probably already pulled out about 25 books
(mostly graphic novels and cookbooks) since we returned,
and have already blown through 5ish novels.

Here’s my current not-so-scholarly read:


Classy no?  This the the fourth book in the series, and I’ve found
all the books to be enjoyable.  It’s a different take on the whole
zombie sub-genre, and unlike other books classified as paranormal
romance, this series doesn’t have the embarrassing things 😀

There IS a big ick-factor, but I’ll leave that for you to find out.
Personally, I enjoy it.

But then again, I’m weird like that.

Snapshot September: On the Sauce

Last week I filled my freezer with a WHOLE bunch of
chicken thanks to Sam’s having a deal at a buck a pound,
today I’ll fill it and my belleh with homemade red sauce:

sauceThe front pan contains sauce with sausage added,
the content of the pot in the back will be divided and
frozen for meals to come.

We’re also giving a gluten-free pasta a test run tonight,
since at my last doctor’s visit in Berlin it was mentioned
that it might be a good idea for me to go
mostly GF.

Snapshot September: D-d-d-DANGA ZONE!

So, we got a new board game today!


Archer happens so be one of our favorite adult cartoons,
so when we saw that there was a game Archer themed JP and
I raced (well, after checking Amazon’s price first…) to our local
game shop to pick it up.  Turns out we got an even better deal
because we had a BUNCH of points to knock the price down!

Looking forward to playing this, and hopefully
at one point we’ll be able to convince enough people
to come play with us
(insert creepy twins from The Shining here)
so we can play with all eight characters.

Naturally, I claim Pam.  😉

Snapshot September: All the Pretty Flowers

Today is the last day of my
Snapshot September project,
so I present the internet with
the flowers we bought the first day
we got into the apartment:


They look pretty awesome
for being a day shy of two weeks old, no?
And I haven’t done anything to them aside
from topping the water off when it reaches
the bend in the vase!
(note, they don’t live in this window,
but rather on the counter in the hall!)

Alright internet, regular blogging to continue tomorrow!

Here we come October 😀