It’s a Geek Life is a blog run by and about a girl geek who is married guy geek, their dog,
their adventures, life, the universe and everything!

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Hi there and welcome!

Hi I’m Lizzy, a thirty-something geek girl and welcome to the small corner of the internet that I’ve been carving out for myself since 2009  — the same year I got married to my wonderful husband John Paul -aka- JP -aka- Husband-Man and moved to Indiana the first time for his doctoral studies (we’re in the home stretch!).  We currently have a dog named Sally -aka- Seniorita Fluffybutt.  She is a red border collie that JP rescued when he was attending Texas A&M for his Master’s Degree.  It took her a little while to warm up to me, she SAT on me the night we got engaged, but now we’re bffs.

Since launching this blog to keep up with family after we got married we’ve moved to Germany twice, switched universities in Indiana, and had a few stints of long distance marriage stuff when work takes us across the country and around the world. In May 2015 we welcomed our first geekling into the world: Bernhard Joseph and have been enjoying the adventures and trials that come along with having a tiny person live with you.  Geekling 2.0 arrived in September 2017 and goes by Henry Alexander. I love watching my sons interact and am extremely happy to be their mother.

I’m a girl geek who married a guy geek.  If you can name a subset within geek culture, chances are at least one if not both of us have at least dabbled in it at some point – some of our favorite geekouts include: Star Trek, gaming (mainly tabletop, but I love me a good MMOPRG on occasion), film, travel, germanic culture, languages, biology (I’m an environmental scientist by trade), Catholic stuff (saints, popes, really old churches…), beer, and a few other things you’ll find if you dig through all of the posts here!  Though geekery is not all there is to me and JP it is the “subculture” that we most readily identify with.  Our children are doomed 😉

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